Saturday, October 12, 2002

Worship Today (a world of sounds, an audience of One):
This session will explore current trends in modern worship, from a musical (turntables vs accoustic guitars) and practical (seeker sensitive? spontaneous?) standpoint. Expect some real life examples ranging from small group settings, worship evangelism, to world missions. Finally, and most importantly, we will discuss how none of it really matters without a heart to worship and honor the One True God. email for more information


Luke Stevens
When he's not fighting crime, Luke is a mild mannered reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper. He also is a worship leader at Blue Route Vineyard and lives with his wife Bridget in the Philadelphia area.

Josh Lafrance
Josh and his wife April have been leading worship at the Vineyard in Portland, Maine for 6 years. Both love to rock climb and be outdoors. Look for the VW Van!

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